Our clients are collectively our neighbors, friends and colleagues.  We find smart legal solutions to problems and find when we put our client’s needs first we can settle most disputes in a fair and amicable way.  We believe we provide first class service in a small town setting, allowing our clients to secure competent legal counsel near their local homes and businesses. We enjoy helping our clients achieve success in their endeavors.​

"This office is one of the most respected law offices in Shelton for many reasons. First of all, the community support and civic volunteerism from all members of this office is truly commendable. The attorneys and their staff can often be seen volunteering at local fundraisers and community benefits. They show a genuine desire to help small businesses in our community succeed. I know many entrepreneurs in Shelton that owe much of their success to the security and advice they've received from Hoss and Wilson-Hoss. I'm also constantly encouraged and inspired by their efforts to empower youth in our community. My experiences with this office over the past ten years have always proven extremely efficient and fair. I am extremely grateful for the professional service they've provided to my family and my business, and I admire their spirit of philanthropy in our little town."  [M.B.]​

"[Rick] You came highly recommended as an attorney but I had no idea that during 45 minutes you could give me so much information about not just running a restaurant but business in general.  I was quite impressed by not only your knowledge, but also your demeanor.  Clearly, your reputation precedes you.​" [K.]​​

We think you [Rob] are fabulous, knowledgeable and well worth your fees, plus we trust your judgment. You have done a wonderful job with both of the litigations we have had to deal with in the last couple of years.

"[Rick] Imagine how a concentration camp survivor felt when allied forces liberated her, and you'll come close to knowing why I'm on my knees with appreciation for you. It will take us a little time to accustom ourselves to freedom from continuous trauma, but my gut says we're going to like it.... You are inspired, skilled and empathetic, and I am full of gratitude." [N]​​

"[S] and I just wanted to send a sincere thank you for all of the hard work you put into our case.  We are so happy with the outcome and feel you had everything to do with that.  This has been a huge learning experience for both of us.  We are so appreciative of your advice and knowledge.  Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts." [S.C. and T.C.]​

"Again, thanks to Rob and everyone at Hoss and Wilson-Hoss.  You were nothing but professional, compassionate and understanding through this whole thing. We consider ourselves lucky to have found you! " [L.P.]​

"[Rick] Thank you so much for what you've done for us.  Your keen sense of negotiating and fairness have so evidently brought us and everyone else involved, a peaceful ending.  You are very much respected by us."  [C. and H.]

​"Rick, Thank you is such a small word for the world of appreciation and respect we have for you.  You kept us informed, gave us guidance, counseling and consoled in such a gracious manner. These are all great qualities of a fantastic attorney, but also of a great person and friend.  P.S. Special thanks to Danielle and staff for all their hard work." [R.G. and M.G] 

"[Rick] We wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed working with you.  You made an unpleasant situation a little easier to deal with.  Although we were enjoying our visit getting to know one another during our "wait" time. It was also an unexpected courtesy that you utilized that time to begin our will.  Your entire staff was helpful, friendly and professional.  The whole experience while interacting with you was one we will remember."  [M.H. and S.H.]​

"Thank you for the strong advice and support putting this together to this point. You have been wonderful to work with and I am lucky I got a chance to meet you.." [K.P.]

"We wanted to thank everyone at the firm for your patience and understanding during this process.  Hopefully, we will never need your services again for anything except routine items, but if we do we'll have complete confidence.  We've recommended your firm to friends of ours who need a community well agreement.  All the best to everyone there." [P. and L.] ​

"Thank you for all the time and energy you spent working with me and on my behalf to settle my son's estate.  I especially want to thank you for going above and beyond the call of your office to assist me with my will.  Having my son's estate settled and my will completed is a heavy burden lifted from my heart.  The kindness and humanity you have shown throughout this entire process is truly appreciated." [B.K.]

"[Rob] You have been awesome, your work exemplary, and at this point precedence setting." [J]

"[Rob] There are no words in the English language to describe my gratitude with all you have done for my family.  My grandparents were feeling so helpless, and with your kindness, effort and hard work, they feel safe and secure.  Thank you so much for helping us out.  if it wasn't for you, my grandparents would be spending most of their time inside.  Thank you.  My grandma and I look forward to having you out to the island this summer for lunch." [A.M.D.]​

"Rob has been our attorney for our homeowners' association (HOA) for many years.  We have benefitted numerous times from his considerable expertise and knowledge on how HOAs work in Washington State.  But equally importantly, Rob has been great for us due to his sincere concern and understanding of community.  He sees us not only as a client, but also as a group of home owners who occasionally need his help preserving the community we call our neighborhood.  Thanks, Rob, we appreciate your help and counsel."  [T]

"The reason that we are where we are today is because of Rob‘s encyclopedic knowledge, legal skill, huge investment of time, and  patience in taking us through this thing, one step at a time, making sure that each step was completely solid before moving on to the next…  That's how deeply he has put himself into our case--so deeply that he knows, and can quote from, the hundreds and hundreds of pages of material that form the backbone of this case.  I work with a lot of attorneys.  Rob's focus is matched by none.  We are very fortunate to have him looking out for the health of our association."  [B.W.]​

"The Staff at this office are the best in the county. Rick, one of the attorney's, was just voted by the community as Best Attorney in Mason County, for the 8th time. Rick has done work for me in the past, and every time has been an excellent experience. If I ever need an attorney again, Rick and his staff will be my first call. I wish more businesses operated like his office and staff; professional, courteous and knowledgeable." [S.J]

"[Rick] [R] and I, both greatly appreciated your dedicated effort regarding our case and he thought of you as a very fine man.  Your visiting him at the hospital and then again attending his funeral added to the family's comfort and is treasured.  Thanks again....and the next time I go to Shelton, I will stop by to say "hi".  No more "off the wall" cases, I hope."  [Y.S.]​​

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